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  1. Gardakus Reply

    EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR OMNIPRESENT Omnipresent; He is present everywhere at the same time and all the time. This consideration is active and omnipresent in Trade generally. So does television, omnipresent and, at times, seemingly omnipotent.

  2. Shakalkis Reply

    Omnipresence is the property of being present everywhere. User is present everywhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded or universal presence. It is related to the concept of ubiquity, the ability to be everywhere and nowhere (at once).

  3. Gukus Reply

    The omnipresent God of the universe intentionally chose to limit Himself to a physical human body to live among us. Further, He experienced the pains and joys of humanity, ultimately suffering in our place as a sacrifice for our sins. While Jesus never gave up His divinity, He chose to take the form of a human to show the full extent of His.

  4. Fenrigor Reply

    Nevertheless I am far from regarding myself as one of those privileged ones to whom the Ved refers when it says, that "he who has true faith in the Omnipresent Supreme Being may eat all that exists," that is, is not bound to inquire what is his food, or who prepares it; and even in their case it is to be observed, as a Hindoo commentator has remarked, that the Vedant limits this privilege .

  5. Duzilkree Reply

    Omnipresence is the property of being present everywhere, whenever and nowhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded presence. The ability lets you to be everywhere at once that is, at every point in space during a given instant. Some characters are Omnipresent within a single universe, while others are Omnipresent on a Multiversal or even higher scale. Nigh-Omnipresence is when somebody.

  6. Nikogore Reply

    Definition of omnipresent: present in all places at all times the museum's omnipresent security apparatus big-city crime dramas, with omnipresent gloom and seedy, nocturnal settings — R. F. .

  7. Faejora Reply

    ‘Maintaining the constant, omnipresent state of uncertainty is key to the shepherd's flock-management trick.’ ‘The flip side is the omnipresent street and its constant call to Michel.’ ‘How is it that among people of today who are so radically divergent in other ways, the traditional family is omnipresent, universal?’.

  8. Fenrishicage Reply

    Jan 02,  · Answer: The prefix omni- originates in Latin and means “all.” So, to say that God is omnipresent is to say that God is present everywhere. In many religions, God is regarded as omnipresent, whereas in both Judaism and Christianity, this view is further subdivided into the transcendence and immanence of God.

  9. Vukazahn Reply

    Jul 05,  · adjective Something that is omnipresent is present everywhere or seems to be always present.

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