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  1. Araktilar Reply

    multi band super mini loop antenna [ Home ] [ Up ] Many antennas claimed to be bi-squares are not bi-squares. The assumption is if a "loop" is two wavelengths around the perimeter, no matter how constructed or shaped, it is a bi-square. The next guess or claim is usually, since the antenna was called a bisquare, it must have a certain gain.

  2. Yozshulrajas Reply

    SUPER EIGHT LOOP. Chicago, Illinois. MINIMAL SYNTH MUSIC FOR ANALOG OBSESSIVES. Overloaded tape saturation - no FX. , ∞.

  3. Gajin Reply

    The BYOC super8 is a programmable 8 channel true bypass looper. Pound for pound, it is the most advanced looper on the market. It has 8 fully accessible loops, not just 2 banks of 4 loops like other "8 channel" loopers. It has 32 programmable user presets that .

  4. Kigar Reply

    If virtual keyboard inputing to ‘Trigger Super 8 track’ #10 and an INput track is ARMED, and the channel router Js is on screen: Hitting C3 (midi note 36) on vk starts recording into Super8’s slot 1 and and the armed IN track will route into that slot. hit c# to stop/loop.

  5. Tar Reply

    So, to run set of statements, we need a loop that must not be finished, such kind of loops are known as 'Super Loop' or 'Infinite Loop'. There is only one difference between 'Super Loop' and 'Infinite Loop': There may only one 'Super Loop' but the 'Infinite Loop' may be infinite (i.e. there is no limit of infinite loops in a program).

  6. Mer Reply

    The RADIO WORKS' SuperLoop 80™ is a high performance, full size, full-wave, 80 meter loop antenna. On 40 meters the SuperLoop 80™ is a 2 wavelength open loop or Bi-Square. The stub in the top leg of the antenna opens the loop when operating on 40 meters and selected other bands. This improves the antenna's radiation pattern.

  7. Mikazuru Reply

    Super Eight Loop has everything to do with New York City, primarily the filthiest fringes of the now defunct Times Square. While the absence of lyrics/vocals will not offer much in the way of clues, you can start on 43rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, and go from there." -- .

  8. Yolrajas Reply

    Super Eight Loop , a Compilation of songs by Super Eight Loop. Released in October on BloodLust! (catalog no. B!S8L ; Cassette). Genres: Power Electronics, Minimal Synth.

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