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  1. Kigara Reply

    something that is opaque. Photography. a coloring matter, usually black or red, used to render part of a negative opaque. verb (used with object), o·paqued, o·paqu·ing. Photography. to cover up blemishes .

  2. Musar Reply

    adjective The definition of opaque is not capable of having light pass through or hard to understand. An example of opaque is the quality of a black sheet of paper. An example of opaque .

  3. Tygorisar Reply

    Free shipping BOTH ways on opaque tights from our vast selection of styles. Fast delivery, and 24/7/ real-person service with a smile. Click or call /5(1).

  4. Vurg Reply

    Definition of opaque in the landpiddfarcchodatingsataseditersemp.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of opaque. What does opaque mean? Information and translations of opaque in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions .

  5. Shakazshura Reply

    Something that is opaque, especially an opaque pigment used to darken parts of a photographic print or negative. [Middle English opake, shady, and French opaque, opaque (from Old French, shady), both from Latin opācus.].

  6. Tygogis Reply

    OPAQUE Meaning: "dark, shaded, unlit" (a sense now obsolete), from Latin opacus "shaded, in the shade, shady, dark, See definitions of opaque.

  7. Danos Reply

    In crafting with paper, glass or even paints and stains, opaque is a term used to describe the material's ability to block light. Opaque means light cannot travel through the object; in other words, it is neither translucent nor transparent. Opaque properties may apply to any color of crafting material. A thick coat of paint brushed onto a wall.

  8. Tolkis Reply

    Jul 15,  · Such opaque pay schemes are a common feature of tech platforms that rely on gig labor, as being obscure about the precise pay amount makes it harder for workers to assess if .

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