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  1. Mern Reply

    You should be able to turn the key with minimal force; if you are having difficulty please consult with an expert. If your clock does not have winding points, you wind it using the weight chains. Each weight will have its own chain. To wind, simply pull down on the chain. As you pull the chain down you .

  2. Yozshukasa Reply

    Apr 27,  · After all of that, you don't actually have to wind the clock to the very end of its mainspring's capability. You want to stop just short of the fullest wind possible. If your timepiece has a tiny pendulum, you may need to wind it more often. The more you take the time to wind, the more wear you are putting your clock through.

  3. Kagahn Reply

    The Zenith manual diagram is somewhat inconclusive as to the direction clockwise or counter-clockwise to wind the crown. When I wind it clockwise the crown feels stiff and makes a crunch like sound, whilst when I wind it counter-clockwise there is less resistance and makes clicking sounds (sounds more natural than the crunching sound).

  4. Galar Reply

    May 04,  · If it will not turn clockwise, turn counterclockwise. Yes, some clocks wind clockwise and some counterclockwise. In any event do not force the key; wind it with minimal force and wind the arbour until it winds no further. Do not force the key any further once you’ve encountered resistance.

  5. Garamar Reply

    Apr 16,  · You'll want to test with the key to find out whether to turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Whichever direction the key turns freely is the right one. If the key won't move easily in either direction, this indicates the clock doesn't need to be wound. Otherwise, turn the key until you meet resistance. Don't force the key further.

  6. Shaktiktilar Reply

    How to Wind Old Clocks With a Gilbert Key. Now that you've found the perfect place for your antique or vintage clock, don't forget to wind it as required or it won't keep time. The clock movements.

  7. Neshura Reply

    Well, no, you probably didn’t. Now unless you were winding it and heard the clock movement explode. You would know if that happened! Your clock is fully wound up, but it is not running. May I use a car analogy? If you fill your car with gas, but you don’t drive it, it’s not going to use any more fuel, and the gas tank will remain full.

  8. Dom Reply

    To unlock it, hold the flat end-pin with pliers as you turn the roller counter-clockwise by hand until the pawl releases. When you release the pin-end you may hear the spring unwind inside the roller.

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