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  1. Vogal Reply

    B 1. Whom did you seek? Quem petivisti(s)? (Quos/Quas) 2. To whom shall we give the books? Cui libros dabimus? (Quibus) 3. By what street did you girls come? Qua via (vos) puellae venistis? 4. In what manner did you obtain the money? Quo modo pecuniam obtinuisti(s)? 5. In what.

  2. Shasho Reply

    Quidam delectationes et beneficia aliis praestant ut beneficia similia recipiant. Certain men provide pleasures and kindnesses to others in order that they may receive similar kindnesses. Multi medici lucem solis fuisse primum remedium putant. Many doctors think that the light of the sun was the first cure.

  3. Kajizshura Reply

    But after Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, whose ancestors had added much to the republic by means of Punic and other wars, began to set the people free and to expose the crimes of the few, the nobles--guilty and on account panicky--met with hostility the actions of the Gracchus, and first it put to death Tiberius with the sword, then after a few years, Gaius as he was following down the same path.

  4. Doukazahn Reply

    Declension of gladius, declension tables of many Latin nouns, with all cases.

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